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A healthy family is all that we wish for. Using normal water filters or even direct tap water holds a high chance of you and your family falling prey to a lot of water-borne diseases. Fret not, we at Snapdeal present to you, the Hitech polypropylene mineral cartridge at the most affordable price!

Purification Technology
The Hitech polypropylene mineral cartridge is suitable for a four stage RO water purifier and UV water Filter purifier. The 4-stage water purifying cartridge contains silver activated carbon, pH balls, rice balls and minerals balls. These help purify the water and provide completely safe and reliable drinking water ready to be used.

Design and Finish
This water filter comes with hi-tech pH balance mineral cartridge with elbow connectors and Teflon tape. This ensures the durability and long life of the product. Hitech polypropylene mineral cartridge has been manufactured using quality raw materials as per standards of the industry. The premium materials and technology used promises the best result every time. (Other features) Hitech polypropylene mineral cartridge has been provided with a maximum flow capacity of 1.0 GPM and has the capacity of handling a maximum pressure of 125 PSI. With a length of 25.4 cm and width of 5.08 cm this water filter is sure to solve all your drinking water issues.


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