IOT800 Wi-Fi Barcode Scanner

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IOT800 Big Data Cloud Wi-Fi Barcode Scanner, create a New Era of Smart Scan!
Eighteen years of brand precipitation, only to meet the perfect pursuit of diamond-level customers! Apple-class capacitive touch screen. Small screen with big vision.

IOT800 is equipped with a 1.54” high-resolution LCD and intuitively displays the modes of barcode scanner, supports touch operation. Data is uploaded to the cloud server via Wi-Fi, and processed quickly. Data is uploaded to the management center through the Bluetooth, transmit securely and stably. Perfect combination of fashion and industrial elements. Instant connecting with Wi-Fi by scanning the barcodes. Using double aspherical lenses, top EP6000, e48r materials. Exclusive “Light-Speed” decoding algorithm, excellent performance and accurate decoding.


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