Tropicool 18AD Portable Fridge

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The Tropicool thermo-electric Fridge cum Warmer is a lifestyle product that works on 12V DC socket in your car. With a capacity of 18L it is spacious enough to hold chilled beverages, snacks, fresh food and basic food essentials for the entire family when on the road. This versatile product has a place in your home aswell . Plug in the built-in cord to the AC mains and you have the ideal party companion and bar accessory. It features two modes fridge and warmer. The warmer function can be very useful in winters. Portable and convenient. No compressor , Environment Friendly, low power consumption. Key Features: 1) Capacity: 18 litres. Holds 0.5 Litres: 18 Bottles, 1 Litre: 8 Bottles, 1.5 Litres: 6 Bottles, 2 Litres: 6 Bottles. 2) Works in Both Car and Home 3) External Dial on Unit to Control Temperature 4) Cooling Performance :28-30 degrees below ambient temp. Min temp -3°C at 25 degree ambient temperature. 5) Digital display indicating temperature inside fridge. 6) Suitable for Cars, Homes, Offices, Clinics, Hotels, Camping, Farmhouse, Boats etc.


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